Affiliate Details

We want your help in promoting The MMA Training Bible, and we're gladly willing to share our profits with you!

Below, you will find your affiliate link that you can use to send in an email to your contacts, publish on your website, on Twitter, Facebook, etc. And when someone clicks on that link and purchases on of our products, you can earn a cool commission for each new sale.

Currently we are paying out 40 % of each sale, which is $38.80 USD for a product that sells for $97.00 USD. This will be paid out 60 days after purchase, as this is the time-frame that most credit card companies allow check-backs. Also, once one of your contacts makes a purchase, you are tied to that customer forever.

For example, Affiliate John refers customer Mary. Mary buys, John gets affiliate commission. A while (days, months or years) later, Mary clicks on a different affiliate link belonging to Paul. Mary buys another product from your web site using the same email id as before. John will still get the commission for the new product that Mary just bought, because John is the lifetime affiliate for Mary. So no matter how many times Mary makes a purchase, regardless of which affiliate link she used (even her own), John will get the commission every time, for life.

See below for your specific details.

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