Periodization for MMA


Welcome to The MMA Training Bible’s Guide to periodization. In this article you will learn about what is perhaps the most important aspect of your entire training plan: Periodization. You’ll learn how to structure (or periodize) your training plan over any length of time, and get the most out of your effort. This will help…

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The importance of goal setting in MMA


Training and fighting in mixed martial arts requires extraordinary levels of motivation and drive because it’s such a physically and mentally demanding sport. Successful coaches know this and train their fighters to focus on specific outcomes in all areas of their training.

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The truth about gas-mask training


Gas masks and respirators are designed to filter out hazardous airborne contaminants from the air and provide the user with a clean air supply. Gas mask training has been falsely marketed to athletes as an ‘hypoxic training aid’, even though the composition of air filtered through the mask and into the lungs is the same…

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The Metabolic Demands of MMA


Myths and misconceptions about the science of training can end a fighter’s career before it starts. The main objective of this series of articles is to set the record straight in one area in particular: the metabolic demands of mixed martial arts (MMA).

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How to avoid overtraining in MMA


Overtraining is one of the toughest opponents a fighter will ever face; its onset is insidious and it plays upon your fear of under-preparation. Add this to the long list of performance factors that a successful fighter must training; like strength, power, agility, an/aerobic endurance, not to mention your technical development, and you see why…

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Maximize your flexibility with minimal stretching


MMA is a sport that demands a high degree of flexibility. Flexible fighters can perform a wider range of techniques, both offensive and defensive, than less flexible fighters. These fighters will have a clear advantage on fight day.

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