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Director, Research Compliance USF Health – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 6ef332-ZjJkM NIH Policy for Managing Conflict of Interest in the Peer Review of Concepts and Proposals for R&D Contract Projects. Montreal Statement on Research Integrity in Cross-Boundary Research Collaborations. Coauthoring publications within the past 3 years also is a clear conflict of interest (NOT-OD-13-010) .
Conflict of Interest: A conflict of interest occurs when a corporation or person becomes unreliable because of a clash between personal and professional affairs. Presentation to the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center; 2 Conflict of interest .

Northwestern University is dedicated to integrity in its academic, research, and business activities. When a secondary interest competes with a primary objective or responsibility; vs. Individuals meeting the qualifications for completion of a DOI Disclosure Form should specify their level of interest in combination with the levels of interest of their spouse and children as follows: Interests are pursued in the setting of social interactions. Introduction to RCR Title: Conflict of Interest in Academic Research 1 Conflict of Interest in Academic Research Presented by Julie Gottlieb, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Please specify the nature of the confl ict on a separate sheet of paper if the space below is inadequate. Conflict of interest in scientific research covers a wide spectrum of factors that might result in bias, not just financial ones. Topics. Arises from oppourtunities a faculty or other members might have to benefit financially from the outcome of research. Singapore Statement on Research Integrity. Personal services contracts trigger certain rights and responsibilities, including payment of benefits, tax withholding and conflicts of interest statutes. Advancing Scientific Integrity, Services and Training (ASIST) Conflict of Interest. Research Conflict of Interest; Administrative Conflict of Interest; COI Reporting Thresholds; News; Institutional Conflict of Interest; COI Related Policies/FAQs; Conflict of Interest Reporting Form; Handling Organizational Conflicts of Interest What is an Organization Conflict of Interest (OCI) and why would it matter to me? Financial and fiduciary interests, outside activities such as consulting, gifts, and other types of interactions with industry all have the potential to create real or perceived conflicts of interest or commitment with one’s patient care, research, teaching, or other responsibilities at Partners. Examples include a research project to be completed, gaining status through promotion or recognition, and protecting the environment. Task content conflict (differing opinions related to the task) G Emotional or relationship conflict (interpersonal conflict -- dislike, negative emotions) B Administrative or process conflict (disagreement on how to get the task completed — e.g., duties, decisionmaking technique) B to N Welcome! Rarely, but sometimes, continuing on a path that includes conflict can still be the right thing to do – but only if approved by the appropriate authority 5. Identify the conflict (or appearance of conflict) 2. Fundamentals of Conflict of Interest in Research By Camille A. McWhirter, J.D.