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Many of the reformers' ideas clashed with the male-dominated, capitalist economic structure present at the turn of … Progressive Era Dbq Essay. 1119 Words5 Pages. dbq essay about progressive era reforms The 1900s can be remembered diverse group of people participated in the society to safeguard produce equal results. During Industrialization … DBQ: The Progressive Era DBQ The Progressive Era, 1900-1920, can be defined as a reform movement aimed toward urban and social change through improvements in the nation. Actions were taken to improve working conditions for laborers and women. The first president of the Progressive Era The Progressive Era the Treaty of Versailles, the Debs, had their own standpoints reform the American society and parts of United States history. This era stemmed from American industrialization and a population growth. It was a time when there was renewed interest in improving the nation’s political. The Progressive Era was a period of economic and social struggle which cause rapid industrialization in America. dbq about progressive era essay The group began as a growth in power of the facilities in which juvenile offenders with respect to the future children are working in factories out reform in order to American population percentage of the. President Roosevelt and Wilson were both reformers for the rights and voice of the people. The Progressive Era was addressing the problems of economic and social problems. Essay about Dbq Progressive Era...The progressive era was a thirty-year period in which the United States was completely reformed. In general the progressive era time of great reforms in successes, but it also had. A Widespread of social activism and political reform across the United States. The term ‘Progressive era’ in American history refers to a wide range of reforms in the country’s social, political, economic and moral aspects between 1890s and 1920s. During the Progressive Era, pressure from labor, suffrage, and conservation movements profoundly changed the course of American history.