difference between american and vietnamese culture essay

Totally this topic needs a wide knowledge about Vietnamese culture. The difference in the sense of individualism foster the differences between American and Vietnamese culture. The purpose of this study was to investigate the similarities and differences in value systems between Americans and Vietnamese. Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people which defined by language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

Differences and similarities between American and Chinese cultures What is Culture? When people walk around the land of American, it is easy find a group people who look like Asian, however, they can not speak another language expect English and also they do not understand another culture. A national sample of 1427 Americans was given Rokeach's value survey. The scale was then translated into Vietnamese and given to a randomly selected group of 349 Vietnamese living in South Vietnam shortly before the fall of the Saigon government. Cultural Differences Between Chinese and American Born Chinese 1172 Words | 5 Pages.

But in general, face is an image of self delineated in terms of approved social attributes (Goffman, 1963). VIETNAMESE CULTURE. Nguyen 1 Cultural Differences between Vietnamese and Americans Every country has its own culture. Differences In Conversation Between Vietnamese And Americans Cultural Studies Essay. There are many definitions of face.

Conversation is a dialogue using all the possibilities mentioned. There are three differences between two countries based on my own experiences. Face Saving Differences Between Vietnamese And Americans Cultural Studies Essay. It can be obviously known as the differences of customs, habits and etiquette. Traditional Vietnamese food has spices and sweet and sour flavors. Thanks for your request!

Thank you Social relationships Informal American social So, my entire essay is my result in finding from Internet … Vu said Vietnamese food tends to have more seasoning than American food. Disputes may occur, but they have only the purpose of classification. This is contrasted with the taste of American food.

A2A. One of the biggest differences she identified was in food preparation.

This answer is based on my experience learning both languages (and yes, I still think I need to improve my Vietnamese despite being a native speaker). Vu identified several differences in culture between the U.S. and Vietnam. The purpose is to reach highest degree of communication, understanding, and, where necessary agreement. America and Vietnam are two distinctive countries with many differences such as the way of lifestyle, greeting and education. It was not my intention using a lot of negative words for Vietnamese culture; I love my country Vietnam , and these words are just to highlight the contracdiction between Vietnam and America . Although I am a Vietnamese but maybe my knowledge is still not enough to talk about everything I want you to know.