disadvantages of article 370

But what exactly is Article 370 and why is the Article so important to keep Jammu and Kashmir as a part of India? Kovind said changes made in J&K and Ladakh will enable the people to access and enjoy the same rights, same privileges as their fellow citizens in the country
Now Article 35-A is become a part of History. What consequences does removing 370 have for the people of J&K? Article 370 of the constitution is the current bedrock of the constitutional relationship between Jammu and Kashmir and the rest of India. What consequences does having 370 in place have … Article 370 of the Constitution of India December 17, 2017 December 17, 2017 Pramesh eLib Article 370 of Indian constitution, Article 370 advantages and disadvantages, Article 370 explanation, Article 370: a constitutional history of jammu and kashmir, main points of Article 370, Article 370 quora, Article 370 pros and cons Article 370 in The Constitution Read More … What it means that Indian constitution will be fully applied in J&K . With its abrogation being an avowed policy of the Bharatyia Janata party, the Jammu & Kashmir high court’s observation that the provision has acquired a state of permanence may cause some disquiet in the party and the government. What Is Article 370 ?, Explanation Advantages And Disadvantages Of Article 370.

Read more about Scrapping Article 370 to bring immense benefits for J&K, Ladakh: President on Business Standard. Politics. BJP wants to remove both. What are the benefits and disadvantages of having Article 370 in place? In a historic move by Mr. Amit Shah ji, Article 370 which gives special status to J&K is scrapped. Bill was presented in Rajya Sabha on same day and it is passed. Disadvantages of removing Article 370:-Citizens of Jammu & Kashmir are facing so much struggle because of many reasons such as the fight between India and Pakistan, the constant presence of troops, unemployment crisis etc.

Lack of medical facilities.

Due to article 370, their education system is bad.

According to the Constitution of India, Article 370 provides temporary provisions to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, granting it special autonomy.

Private even the Government of India cannot provide a good quality education system in Kashmir Ghati. What it means with Pros and Cons Explained J&K Special Status Scrapped by Revoking Article 370 . Article 370 which status special power to Jammu and Kasmir is revoked which means J&K will not enjoy special status.