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At a time of year long associated with graduation and with students moving on to new adventures, members of the first class of New York Times fellows also prepare for their next steps. That is, it seems that someone is always proposing a new practice, a new program, a new technique to change education for the better. Yet many seemingly powerful change-oriented innovations are short-lived. Moving Forward. Furthermore, educational change began to place more emphasis on organizational learning, systemic reforms, and large-scale change initiatives rather than restructuring isolated fields of education. Publishes important ideas and evidence of educational change Examines the social, economic, cultural, and political forces driving educational change Investigates how men and women, older and younger teachers, students, parents, and others experience change Discusses educational innovation, reform and restructuring, school improvement and effectiveness, culture building, inspection, school review… The Cultural Change Principal knows that building relationships and teams is the most difficult skill for both business and education leaders (Hay Management Consultants, 2000). The Fundamentals of Whole-System Reform: A Case Study from Canada. The journal publishes contributions with a critical and investigative approach to what the practice relevance of research is, should be and could be. This leader works hard to develop the full range of emotional intelligence domains, especially self-management of emotions and empathy toward others (Goleman et al., 2002). Times Education Supplement – Journal of Educational Change – April 2009 – 13 pages Download the PDF . Michael Fullan and Ben Levin – Education Week – June 2009 – 3 pages Download the PDF . 2008. Article excerpt One of the constants within education is that someone is always trying to change it. Research and Change calls for and publishes contributions that explicitly seek to elucidate the relationship between research and changes in practice.