effects of electronic gadgets to students studying habits thesis

Sleep deprivation among adolescents and young adults can make them obese, says a study [5].If you aren't sleeping at the right time during the night, the sleep hormone melatonin and the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin get altered which affects your appetite and lets you consume excess high-calorie foods. The adverse effects of some common gadgets are discussed in this article. Definition of Terms Listed below are terms taken from this thesis…

Any changes or progress in details and updated information beyond the said point are not covered by the framework of this study. Obesity. The negative effects of electronic gadgets on health are well-documented.

With advances in technology, student study habits have dramatically changed.

Students who become addicted to gaming, texting or social media may try to do this in class, which may disrupt their learning and lead to disciplinary action. The results of the analysis are shown in Table 2.


Gadgets of at least one variety were uniformly used by all the students, 22.4% of the students surveyed were found to be gadget dependent. The Results About The First Research Question To examine whether students’ cell phone ownership affects their AHE scores, an independent samples t-test was used. Obesity and the use of gadgets are directly associated. The Effect of Technologıcal Devıces on Student’s Academıc Success IUYD’2014 / 5(1) 43 3.2. Keeping children away from the bad effects of gadget overuse. This article explains how these gadgets, when we use it beyond our needs, make us suffer from adverse effects. These gadgets make our work easier and some people are used to being connected always. Effects of Gadgets on Health. The study will be conducted in this school year 2013-2014.
According to a study, a child will likely to become overweight and develop seizure and vision problems when they spend too much time using gadgets. 11. At home, it may interfere with their study time.

Electronic Gadgets are becoming a part of our day to day activities. Excessive use of gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and computer desktops can cause physical and mental damage to children.. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Technology has affected the way teachers present information; therefore, students are learning and studying differently. With advances in technology, student study habits have dramatically changed.It’s affected the way classes are taught, students learn theories and the way information is presented.Gone are the days of slaving over books in the library and scribbling down notes on paper. The present study is based on the effects of social media on students academic performance based on the usage. “A STUDY ON THE EFFECTS OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY TO STUDENTS” A Research Paper Submitted to: Professor Rhona Theresa S. Sambrano, M.A.T School of Medical Laboratory Science Far Eastern University Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation In Partial Fulfilment of the requirements for English 2 Albarico, Karl Marco S. Lim, Patrick Joseph C. March 2016 APPROVAL SHEET The research paper …

Negative effects of excessive gadget use.