essay on uniform civil code for ssc

The UCC would carve a balance between protection of fundamental rights and religious dogmas of individuals. Here is your Essay on the Uniform Civil Code in India: Article 44 of the Constitution of India lays down an important directive principle of state policy, namely, that the State shall endeavour to secure for its citizens, a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India. The Uniform Civil Code is meant to constitute a legal framework of. They cover areas like- Marriage, divorce, maintenance, inheritance, adoption and succession of the property. The Uniform Civil Code, includes all legal aspects, social events in matter of birth, death, marriage, divorce, maintenance, inheritance, succession, and adoption etc. This uniform civil code has social, political, and religious aspect. It is a cruel fact that women are the worst victims of discrimination under personal laws. A Uniform Civil Code means that all sections of the society irrespective of their religion shall be treated equally according to a national civil code, which shall be applicable to all uniformly. However, as … It also relates to the rights and freedoms given by the Constitution of India, but it does not … The basic ideology behind the formulation of a civil code is to end discrimination based on religion. Uniform Civil Code In almost all the countries there is one civil code for all the citizens. Article 44, which deals with the Uniform Civil Code states: “The State shall endeavor to secure for the citizens, a Uniform Civil Code throughout the territory of India”.

It should be a code, which is just and proper according to a man of ordinary prudence, without any bias with regards to religious and political considerations.