essay on vehicle pollution problem and solution

Examples of such pollutants include Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen, Nitrogen Oxide, particulate matter, Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide.

Vehicles crowding roadways, power plants pumping smoke and chemicals from consumer products have many people thinking about air pollution and how it affects the planet. Short and Long Essay on Pollution. While cars were a preserve of the wealthy in then past, they are now owned by all classes of people in society and form the primary means of transport in many parts of the world. Pollution is a process of spoiling the environment in a way. Essay on vehicle pollution problems and solutions. Problem Solution essay örneği Saving the Environment ... Where such facilities do not exist, sharinf lifts is recommended to reduce traffic congestion, noise and vehicle emission on the roads. Air pollution is a complicated problem with many causes and effects and few solutions 4. increased by 60 percent, and in 2015 by 77 percent. Vehicle pollution (also transport pollution, motor pollution) is the introduction of harmful material into the environment by motor vehicles. Thus the consumption … The advantage of choosing this sort of essay is that you get a chance to explain in detail how you think a problem can be solved. Covered your ears on account of too much noise? Reducing air pollution and its effects will require the cooperation of people everywhere 4. According to an estimation, there is an average of 2 vehicles in a single house. Pollution Essay 5 (800 Words) Introduction. Pollution takes many forms: air, water, soil,and radioactive contamination are only some of the ways it can harm the earth. Car Pollution-Global Awareness- Human Effects. Henry Ford was the creator and also later founded Ford Motor Company. Such vehicles run on diesel or gasoline. Perfect day essay rick smith . Air pollution caused by cars is one of the biggest challenges for air pollution that environmentalist are working with now a days. Vehicle pollution needs a quick attention to control over it in manner to save people’s health and to avoid global warming.

There are various measures by which there can be a reduction of vehicle pollution. The pollution problems and solutions essay problem of land pollution can be tackled by educating the Citizens of China on the hazard posed by littering the environment. Already more particle pollution comes from wear than from the exhausts of modern vehicles. research paper publishing journal biochemicals . In conclusion, the transport congestion and environmental problems can be resolved significantly by boosting up the petrol prices, but the measure to introduce the mission free transport and buses can also contribute importantly. Apart from all the hazardous effects of vehicle pollution, the number of vehicles is increasing day by day. It has cause many problems ranging from lung cancer to the greenhouse effect. The environment we live in is in danger due to various problems. Solutions to the Air Pollution Problem in America It is steadily becoming harder to breathe these days. ... Firstly, booming of the automobile industry. The less petrol our societies burn, the better the air quality will be. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the. Hence, the electrical transportation and a bus provide incredible solution to traffic and pollution.

In June 2017, Parisian Clotilde Nonnez filed a lawsuit against the French state—she alleged that the French government’s inaction on Paris’ severe air pollution led to her serious health problems. Pollution affects us in many ways, so to deal with the problem of pollution, public participation is highly needed because the government keeps changing but we do not.