essay on why i want to be a surgical tech

To write a good Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist essay, you need to conduct a sort of research, only it has to be personal. We’ve compiled a list of 24 reasons about why you should consider signing up for a surgical technologist program! Without proper knowledge and skills, not only can it cause confusion and added stress during surgery, it also puts the patient at risk. As a surgical technician I have had the opportunity to interact with patients, nurses and doctors.
Job Growth. Diane A. Lv 7. With most health care careers, employees are face-to-face with breathing, talking, aware-of-their-surroundings patients. 1 through 30 Although you can achieve the required book knowledge through a university-based surgical technology program, there are some skills that cannot be taught. A surgical technologist assists surgeons, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, and other members of an operating room team. Surgical Tech Specialties Many surgical technicians work as generalists, but some specialize in a surgical subfield like neurosurgery, pharmacology, or organ transplantation. My first job as a scrub was at a small facility and I absolutely HATED it. Login to reply the answers Post?

Hello,i want to be a surgical tech. The Certified Surgical Technologist exam administered by NBSTSA requires test-takers to show completion of an accredited surgical tech program. "Becoming a Surgical Technologist is a rewarding career on a level a little different than most careers," said Martin Davis, CST, MBA, Surgical Technology Program Director at Concorde's campus in Grand Prairie, Texas. According to Davis, working in surgery is a unique experience. 9 years ago. So why is being a surgical tech so great? 1 This number sits comfortably above the average for all occupations, which was $38,640. One of the surgical technologist’s primary goals is to maintain a sterile operating environment. I have definitely felt your pain. Surgical assistants, also called surgical and operating room technicians, are critical members of the healthcare team , working closely under the supervision of surgeons to assist on life-saving surgical procedures.
Here is what a typical day’s work for a Surgical Technologist looks like: Maintain a proper sterile field during surgical procedures. Everybody knows the good things about being a surgical technologist – it’s a dependable career in a field that will only keep growing, first of all. Since i don't have any medical experience ,they suggested me to take the medical assistant program and then go ahead and take the ST program. … If you do, here we go. I NEED TO WRITE AN ESSAY ON WHY I WANT TO BECOME A SURGICAL TECH. But she was so friendly and kind to me that I knew I wanted to be a surgical technologist, too.

The typical surgical tech salary is another bright spot.