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; Mugshot/Face. To foster the research in this field, we created a 3D facial expression database (called BU-3DFE database… RESEARCH DONE ON ONLINE LEARNING VS. FACE-TO-FACE CLASSROOM LEARNING – Community College Research Center (CCRC), Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times Community College Research … There are 105 subjects and 4666 faces in the database. OVERVIEW. natural face photographs and several measures for 2,222 of the faces, including memorability scores and … Special Database … Fortunately, many of the research challenges you will face—from choosing a topic, to finding study participants, to staying sane throughout the process, and every step in between—have already been addressed by members of the Walden community. It includes over 1000 color photos of young, middle-aged, and older adults. The UMB-DB has been acquired with a particular focus on facial … Nancy Romano, M.S., CSHM FACE Project Officer Fatality Investigations Team Division of Safety Research NIOSH ndr4@cdc.gov.

Head Pose Databases From Other Research Groups . ; Special Database 300: Uncompressed Plain and Rolled Images from Fingerprint Cards (user's guide available). We list some face databases widely used for head pose related studies, and summarize the specifications of these databases as below. This database includes … Please visit chicagofaces.org. The database is available to universities and research centers interested in face detection, face recognition, face synthesis, etc. CAL/PAL Face Database The CAL/PAL Face Database was developed at the University of Michigan by Meredith Minear and Denise Park. 3D facial models have been extensively used for 3D face recognition and 3D face animation, the usefulness of such data for 3D facial expression recognition is unknown. Stirling/ESRC 3D Face Database 10k US Adult Faces Database. Special Database 302: Nail to Nail (N2N) Fingerprint Challenge (user's guide available). ; Special Database 301: Nail to Nail (N2N) Fingerprint Challenge Dry Run (user's guide available). Contact FACE. Affectiva’s emotion database has now grown to nearly 6 million faces analyzed in 75 countries. 1. At least one face database created in the United States was shared with a company in China that has been linked to ethnic profiling of the country’s minority Uighur Muslims. This database contains 10,168 (!) Press Inquiries Nura Sadeghpour: uvg2@cdc.gov Stephanie Stevens: yky0@cdc.gov Here, they share their insights on how to overcome seven top research …

To be precise, we have now gathered 5,313,751 face videos, for a total of 38,944 hours of data, representing …

The Bosphorus Database is intended for research on 3D and 2D human face processing tasks including expression recognition, facial action unit detection, facial action unit intensity estimation, face recognition under adverse conditions, deformable face modeling, and 3D face reconstruction.

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Recently, a face database has been created with the main purpose of testing the robustness of face recognition algorithms against strong pose and illumination variations.