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The effects of gangs in the lower-middle-higher class communities is an important issue to be aware of, for the fact that it causes a lot of problems in society. Violence is always involved with gangs, but with the addition of drugs, the violence can intensify to a level where nothing can be done. Did they think they were going to be famous? My feelings are that youth groups do have an impact on a youths’ life and also that these weekly meetings don’t really have an impact on kids leaving the gang life alone. for $13,9/Page. The drugs find a way to … Solutions to Our Youth Violence Gang and youth violence has become a seemingly unfixable issue in countries around the globe. In Horton’s essay they had weekly meetings that informed the community on the crimes and ways of reducing the gang violence. Get a 100% Unique Essay on Gang Violence. Lots of people dislike each other over stupid reasons. Teen Gang Violence If I could change the world, I would definitely leave out the gang violence.I wonder why teens join gangs.I’ve seen some of my friends join gangs and I wonder why they joined.

Not only did the government help expand gang networks … Describe three of the most common forms of antisocial behavior in organized gangs. Gang Violence Gang violence happens almost all over the world, mostly in big cities and the lower class places, also known as the ghetto. This causes the gangs to be much harder to deal with.

The Problem Of Gang Violence And Murder Essay - Gang violence and murder are two factors that contribute to the delinquency that develops in young boys and girls. This makes it even more difficult to deal with. Zooming in on America, the U.S government has made efforts to keep gang violence under control through the try and failed method of mass imprisonment and also placing more policemen in affected neighborhoods to patrol the streets. What I am trying to say is that the weeekly meetings don’t help kids leave the gang life alone personally, but it … Include the following components in your essay: In one to two paragraphs, create a real-world scenario that would explain the reasoning behind why a juvenile would choose or be pushed to join an organized gang. Violence is seen among juvenile delinquency, where teenagers are victims of violence that exists around their neighborhood or violent acts their peers around them commit.

That’s how all this gang violence happened and got out of hand. Introduction.

Get Essay. Describe three proactive solutions to gang violence. Solutions to […] Pages: 7 Words: 2040 Topics: Family, Gang Violence, Machismo, Poverty, Single Parent, Social Issues. The purpose of this paper is to study the features that constitute the culture of street gangs. Gang violence includes murder, kidnapping, robbery, and drug dealing. One main problem is that the American society hates the gangs but loves the drugs and will continue to buy drugs no matter where they are coming from.