how does pope’s use of verse in an essay on man reinforce enlightenment ideals?

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Another issue that Pope, as well as his readers concerned themselves with during the Enlightenment, was man’s place within the Universe. Alexander Pope Alexander Pope is the greatest poet of the neoclassical period.

Anglo-Irish Satirist. Enlightenment thinking not only influenced philosophy and the sciences, but also literature (especially in Pope's Essay on Man). 7 November 2012. Path to the Enlightenment What with the ideological turmoil occurring prior to most of 18th century Western Europe, the Age of Enlightenment was but an inevitable outcome. Reformation – Catholic authority was challenged when reformer’s placed emphasis on the individual’s ability to read and interpret scripture on their own. Modern states are without religious ambitions or obligations. Why the Enlightenment Still Matters Today. He preached correctness in literary composition, the filling and polishing of phrases and lines until perfection is reached. Swift, Jonathan (1667-1745). In reaction to Enlightenment's strict empiricism, Romanticism was born. An Essay on Criticism is one Pope’s first major poems written. He is best known for his satirical verse and for his translation of Homer. Jonathan Swift was one of the eighteenth century’s great writers. In fact, Kant argued that the "public use of one's reason must always be free, and it alone can bring about enlightenment among men" (Kant 3). Alexander Pope’s famous couplet in An Essay on Man (1733) (“Know then thyself, presume not God to scan/ The proper study of mankind is man”) expresses well the intense interest humanity gains in itself within the context of the Enlightenment, as a partial substitute for its traditional interest in God and the transcendent domain. Alert to all manner of phoniness, endowed with remarkable talents for parody, and skeptical of modern trends, Swift was a deadly satirist who exposed the moral failings of his age and presented a formidable critique of Enlightenment thought. Neo-classical verse has: clarity, regularity, high moral seriousness, and social or cultural significance (from Douglas Grant, Introduction to: Pope, Selected Poems, New Oxford English Series, 1965). The Enlightenment was an age of unprecedented optimism in the potential of knowledge and reason to understand and change the world (see Enlightenment).The movement flourished across Western Europe, especially in France and England.For the first time in history, all fields of knowledge were subjected to unrelenting critical examination (which continues to this day). Words: 1032 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24937155. Professor Justin Champion. Epistle one of Pope’s “Essay on Man,” is merely one of the pieces of literature during the 18th century, which voices its ideas on the subject. Procedurally secular they combine the governance of religion in the public square with the protection of private convictions.