how to make a paper phone that slides

For the best results, line up one side of the slide with the center of the adapter. Clean the old slides thoroughly with a vacuum blowing nozzle for electronics, a static duster or a solution made for dusting slides. Leave the lid of the scanner open. This easy to make paper mobile uses colorful cardstock to create multi-color 3D teardrop shapes. Select the Slide > Edit master menu option to open the Master Layout Editing dialog box: Use the Master Layout Editing dialog box to create a slide layout. By default, the picture you choose for the background of your slide is stretched to fit the slide. - show enthusiasm for your topic. 20 slides for a 20 minute presentation), but less is better. Pull the other end of the string through the hole in one of the paper cups. presentation (e.g. - As you put up each slide, have in mind the key points you want to make with that slide (one or two points). Learn how to make this paper mobile and complete the project on a rainy day or as a fun activity with kids. Here, you can maximize or resize the content so it fits the slide’s new orientation. To avoid distortion, choose a horizontal format picture and one with high resolution . The paperclip should be inside the paper cup. Through this process, you’ll be able to make those old memories accessible for future generations to enjoy. It does so byconnecting to a cellular networkprovided by a mobile phoneoperator, allowing access to thepublic telephone network. Both enthusiasm and boredom are contagious. The “Slide Size” dialog box appears. It will look like this: When you’re done, hit the Enter key or press “Apply” to make your slides vertical. You can even personalize your mobile by choosing colors that match the room where you plan to hang the mobile. Insert the free end of the string into the hole in the bottom of the second paper cup. Make sure the blank slide is selected by clicking on it in the pane to left of your open slide. To use the adapter, place a slide or negative onto the scanner, and then place the adapter over the top. Swap the two numbers around to rotate the slide into a vertical position. Tie one paperclip to one end of the string. Make a DVD slide show of Grandpa's vacation or an intro to a wedding video. It is also a simple way to increase your grade. For a default slide, the dimensions are 10 x 5.62 inches. If your scans have an uneven brightness, try adding a thin piece of tissue paper between the slide and the adapter. Within its presenter view, Google Slides has a great Q&A tool to make your presentation more interactive. Make a hole in the center of the base of both cups, using the pin. How to edit a scan taken on the iPhone.