how to prepare a research binder for mun

12/7/2014 0 Comments Technology will not be allowed on the day of the conference (until you write final resolutions), therefore, you should come prepared with a comprehensive research binder. Check out the full MUN Research Binder guide here: WiseMee is a resource created by some of the most experienced Model UNers in the world for the MUN community. It’s not an obligation but it will make you more efficient when preparing resolutions or speeches since you’ll have all the info you need at hand. You’ve made your own — or, more likely, your advisor told you to make one. To help you understand and make your MUN experience enjoyable, I hope this guide will help answer your questions. Researching for Model United nation requires a great deal of efforts which ultimately reflects in your performance in the conference. At the same time, you’ll be addressing some of the most pressing issues affecting our world today. Preparing for a Model United Nations conference can be a very challenging task, irrespective of whether you are attending as a delegate of a staff member. Keep in mind that “binder” may mean a folder, too, not necessarily a three ring binder. I personally divide my preparation into various sectors. These are some things that a binder should include: • The delegate handbook for the conference you're attending. It can be material (in the form of paper) or virtual (on a computer or an iPad). You need to advance the interest of your country, as well as solving the global issue, when you choose the policy to … MUN Research Made Easy: 15 Things Every Delegate Should Have in their Research Binder by Ryan on September 29, 2010 You see it everywhere at MUN conferences. With the experience of over 500 conferences between the delegates, chairs, coaches, teachers, and secretariat who contribute to this site WiseMee strives to be the best online resource available to the global Model UN community. Since not all participants are staff members, we have decided to split the preparation phase into thre sections. The purpose of a research binder is to compile information on your country, your committee, the topic of debate, and to brainstorm potential solutions. A good research is the key to great committee. Hi there ! A research binder is usually a binder/file that has all your research. Look at the Model UN topic at hand. Ah… MUN - Model United Nations - my absolute love! This is a matter of personal preference. It is your job to use the UN platform to make sure to your country’s interests are pushed forward, or at least make sure you do not lose out. What is the difference between a MUN Research Binder that is Physical vs Digital? deal of experience in research, public speaking, teamwork, compromise, and initiative. It’s confusing to create and cumbersome to carry. It also requires some time. As a prospective participant you are oblige to carry out thorough research. But the term is research binder, not research folder. And you probably didn’t want to. A good research is the key to great committee.