is cashback research legit

I was filling out some crap for a special offer on Swagbucks when I noticed this site - Cashback Research. Cashback Research - Scam or Legit? Cashback research has been around since 2007 – so has some longevity under its belt – as well as 1.5 million sign ups. For starters, CashBack Research is not a place to make money. Most user reviews are about how much they enjoyed the site. I know, 50¢ doesn’t sound like a lot of money. Cashback Research does not ask for your credit card information, and our site is free to join and use. Is Cashback Research legit?

But is it any good compared to others? is a survey website where people sign up and take online surveys for money. Cashback Research is a portal site, which means we show our members offers and surveys where real cash can be earned.
You need a minimum of $20 to cash out, … With customers such as Neilson, Netflix, and Disney and a solid track record of operations, they sound like a legitimate platform. It is primarily a survey site – but the surveys are created by other providers, so cashback research will send you where ever the next survey is available.

Most of the surveys and offers on our site do not require a credit card.
Cashback Research Screenshots Click to Zoom Your Turn So that’s my review of Cashback Research. But the payment processing system leaves much to be desired. One thing to note though is that the most positive feedback was from users familiar with how survey sites work. What is Cashback Research? Each survey pays a reward in cash or points. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to sign up with them. Some of them, admittedly, are way better than Cashback Research is.

In this Cashback Research review I’ll be going over what you need to know so that you can make a better decision before signing up. But it will only take 10-15 minutes to earn that, and it’s not a difficult activity at all. I'm curious if anyone here has ever attempted it and whether or not it's a scam. As I mentioned earlier, CashBack Research boasts over 1.5 million active users. Name: Cashback Research Website: Rating: 5/10 (Decent survey site that does pay out; but overall low rewards) Cashback Research is one of many paid survey sites online. Cashback Research Homepage: The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

The surveys pay pretty well. How the CashBack Research Scam Works. I, however, find that very hard to believe because the number of reviews I found online doesn’t reflect a member base of over 1.5 million users. Cashback Research is legit. They’ve got great ways to earn, and earning potential is alright. All the panels that they recommend are legit and safe.