is digital really greener than paper

the debate is still going on and the final word hasn't been said yet.

The interesting thing was that all participants said that they preferred reading on paper, even though the study found no support for it being more effortful to read on digital media. New study commissioned by Two Sides explains why the popular “go paperless – save trees” slogans are misleading and false. Reacts to Don Carli's article: "Is Digital Media Worse for the Environment than Print?"

Paper records have very few advantages over digital records, but there are a few that can be key to keeping paper records from being completely obsolete. Plus, Americans generate more than 13 million tons of e-waste per year. , The Daily Green , July 20, 2010 - is selling more E-Books than traditionally bound hardcover books.

As reported in a recent article in The Washington Post,

Whether or not NoteSlate ever produces a real product, no barriers remain to a competitor building a tablet purpose-built for sketching and note-taking. We've all received statements from our banks, telecommunication and utilities companies with a simple message at the bottom urging us to "Go paperless, save trees", often accompanied by a picture of a winding river or a green tree.

to the Going Green Resources page, along with several other white papers from International Paper.IP contends that pixels and paper both have a place in our communications future. The EPA estimates Americans get a … The Answer May Surprise You.

It’s Coming: A True Replacement for Paper.

Burnham artist makes paper from organic materials: BBC News, 21 July 2010. Are ebooks really greener than physical books? What can be done on a government level? In addition, paper records are always stored on site, and many find that they are easier to protect than digital files. Is digital really greener than paper? Are ebooks greener than paper books? The coal used comes from mountain-top mining, which is a major cause of deforestation, ecosystem destruction and global warming. And more energy use equals more pollution. What can be done on an individual level?

The paper industry is challenging assumptions that email and other forms of digital technology are automatically better for the environment. Just a couple of weeks ago, we added Pixels vs. Paper: Are pixels greener than paper?

Paper manufacturers have been recycling rags, paper waste and pulp for centuries. Eco-Libris is following the discussion and providing you with links to articles, reports and other sources of information that address this issue. Now the Guardian joins in the quest for answers, as Alison Moodie asks “ Is digital really greener than paper?” As she points out, many of the claims being leveled against the paper and printing industry are just plain wrong, citing stats from the American Forest and Paper Association (AFANDPA) to point out the disconnect.