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The Journal under its previous name Economic Bulletin was first published in … The Journal of Islamic Studies is a multi-disciplinary publication dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of Islam and of the Islamic world. The journal is dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of Islam and of the Islamic world. American Journal of Islam and Society (AJIS; previously published quarterly (1984-2020) as American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS)) is a double-blind peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal published by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). The Journal of Islamic Studies, published for the Centre by Oxford University Press since 1990, is edited by Farhan Nizami and places the study of Islam and modern societies in their global context.

The Journal of Business Research applies theory developed from business research to actual business situations. Islamic Studies is an internationally peer reviewed research journal, published by Islamic Research Institute, Islamabad, Pakistan, since 1962. Subjects include literature studies, field studies with various perspectives on Islamic education, research on humanity, civilization, diversity and diversity of society. ”17 These statements outlines al-Farabi’s basic inclination for providing a solution for the problem in hand.

Managed by Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business IAIN Salatiga. Indonesian journal of Islamic Economics Research [IJIER], p-ISSN 2686-5076 l e-ISSN 2714-5751 is a scientific journal that countains of theoritical research and studies on islamic economics issues. It is an online and open access journal comprises manuscripts in Malay, English and Arabic languages. Islamic Research Centre was established in 2007. The subject covers textual and fieldwork studies with various perspectives of law, philosophy, mysticism, history, art, theology, and many more. The journal provides a dynamic forum for the advancement of accounting and business knowledge based on Shari’ah and Islamic activities that have an impact on the welfare of society. This research was a quantitative research that aimed to find out how the influence of promotion and Islamic business ethics on consumer loyalty in Kampung Banyumili Resto Salatiga. The Centre at present, is working in the building of Department of Islamic Studies. The journal management adopts providing a Package of support and services to be different from normal types of such journals.

The International Journal of Educational Research publishes research manuscripts in the field of education.Work must be of a quality and context that the Editorial Board think would be of interest to an international readership. International Research Journal on Islamic Studies (IRJIS) is a peer reviewed International scholarly journal published by Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre. Al-Jamiah: Journal of Islamic Studies, published by Al-Jami'ah Research Centre of State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta since 1962, can be said as the oldest academic journal dealing with the theme in South East Asia.. The Islamic Culture is an International peer reviewed, Open Access bi-annual (June and December) journal that focuses articles which contribute new results in all domain of Islamic Studies. DSR is looking to devote the past experience, develop it, and add its mark of excellence in the field of dissemination of research. Journal of Islamic Studies 30th Anniversary. Published by LP2M IAIN Salatiga. JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC RESEARCH 28 Vol 2 No 2 December 2009 issue is philosophical in ultimate sense, maintains: “Here we have solve the problem with a view which should remove all doubts and requires no ready or famous [answer] that is properly compatible with religion. The Journal of Emerging Economies and Islamic Research (JEEIR) is an international refereed online journal, published by the Faculty of Business and Management and UiTM Press, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia. Recognizing the intricate relationships between the many areas of business activity , JBR examines a wide variety of business decisions , processes …

The aims and scope of the journals are to: • Provide a journal that reports research on topics that are of international significance across educational contexts

Journal of Islamic Educational Research (JIER) is currently accepting manuscripts for publication. JIER, a blind peer-reviewed journal, is published annually (June) by Islamic Education Programme, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya.

Find out more This journal is a journal that can be accessed openly and can be used as a scientific medium for all people, scholars in Islamic education, research and multiculturalism. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the publication of the Journal of Islamic Studies, an international conference on the topic of 'Islamic Studies Today' was held at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in Oxford on the 27th and 28th September 2019.