marrying someone for papers

The Green-Card Application Process. “You’ve already broken the law. Or get married.” There was a company willing to employ me and I had an American relative who was willing to sponsor me, I pointed out. “Doesn’t matter,” the lawyer affirmed. They will, in many cases, ask again two years later. It's really hard to stay here without visa a it's hard to get another type of visa - except if you marry somebody. Submit this petition as soon as possible after your marriage. Passports are usually accepted as identification, but some locales may … For example, U.S. immigration authorities will demand proof of the validity of the marriage (and ask personal questions of the immigrant and spouse) as part of the initial application for the green card. Falling in love and getting married is the … For starters, you have to get married. Green card marriage: I paid a man to marry me for U.S. citizenship One immigrant couldn't leave the U.S. when her Visa expired — so she paid $12,000 for a random marriage view in app Marriages by non-citizens are legally binding unions.
The immigration laws have put into place so many steps to getting a marriage-based green card, and incorporated so many tests into the process, that only a truly married couple is likely to have the fortitude to get through it. This is an important exception: Most people must wait five years after getting a … Aside from providing Social Security numbers, the requirements to get married in the U.S. are the same for both U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens.
They'll never find out if you love him or not. Supporting documentation will be required with this form, including biographical information on both spouses and a signed affidavit by the U.S. spouse stating she will financially support the foreign spouse during the period of application processing. If you remain married to and living with your U.S. husband for three years from the date of your approval for conditional residence, you apply for U.S. citizenship (naturalization) by submitting Form N-400.