microsoft word essay format

However, you have to take note that there are also institutions and authorities that requires a certain style and format. Click on the Microsoft Word icon on the computer screen; After Microsoft Word loads, click on “Format” at the top of the screen and then on “Paragraph” This type of essay requires you to present and explain your stand on a certain issue. Universities and colleges set word limit for essays and assignments for students. Let’s examine some of them: Argumentative essay. More templates like this. Word. There are various types of essays such as narrative essays, argumentative, descriptive, expository, and many more. This accessible all-purpose report template will make your writing look polished and professional. Follow these steps to put a smile on your instructor’s face – and more importantly, to correctly format your essay. Since word limit is there student need to know how long he has written and to what extant topic of essay has been covered. Simply highlight the text, go to ‘Review’ tab and click on ‘Word Count’ in the ‘Proofing’ group. MLA. An absolutely useful feature of MS Word is word count. Download Edit in Browser Share. You can also see left bottom near pages information … Write an essay.