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The Oxford Handbook of Multimethod and Mixed Methods Research Inquiry Multimodality is an inter-disciplinary approach that understands communication and representation to be more than about language. It has been developed over the past decade to systematically address much-debated questions about changes in society, for instance in relation to new media and technologies. Reflecting the rising popularity of research that combines qualitative and quantitative social science, Multi-Method Social Science provides the first systematic guide to designing multi-method research. 1 Multi-Attribute Decision Making: A General Overview Multi -Attribute Decision Making is the most well known branch of decision making. survey of some methods for eliciting data for MCDM problems and also for processing such data. Multimodal approaches have provided concepts, methods and a framework for the collection and… In simple terms, in multi-stage sampling large clusters of population are divided into smaller clusters in several stages in order to make primary data collection more manageable. Key words: Decision making, optimization, pairwise comparisons, sensitivity analysis, operations research. Multi-stage sampling (also known as multi-stage cluster sampling) is a more complex form of cluster sampling which contains two or more stages in sample selection. is a platform for academics to share research papers. methods to support his argument that mixed methods research could benefit from increased use of triangulation in the form of the involvement of respondents in the interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data, especially as a means to address issues of power. The nonprofit group Future of Music Coalition has launched Artist Revenue Streams, a multi-method research initiative to assess if and how musicians’ revenue streams are changing in this new music landscape. Artist Revenue Streams research project, a comprehensive analysis of how musicians are being compensated in the digital age. methods research a “method” is clean and concise and resonates with many researchers (Elliot, 2005). In this book, we will refer to it as a research design with philosophical assumptions as well as quantitative and qualitative meth-ods.