my trip to sri lanka essay

Our time in Sri Lanka was so great that I would like to come back! While hanging out in Penang, Malaysia after finishing up the scuba diving season in southern Thailand, I was pondering where to travel before heading on to teach the dive season in Bali. The tourism arrivals got doubled from 2009 to 2011 with the number of arrivals attaining 855,975 as at end 2011(Figure 5.2). In 2012, Sri Lanka was named as the best valued destination for holidays by the post office worldwide holiday costs barometer. Sri Lanka had an expansion of 46% in tourism arrivals in 2010 just after the end of the war. Sri Lanka is surrounded by Indian Ocean. June 23, 2016 Jennifer Cooper @ Travelbllgr Reply. Sri Lanka does look pretty nice – food looks delicious and the I like the landscapes, so reading your article made me want to go more, although thanks for pointing out the negatives as well. Over the years we have travelled as ageing backpackers in sixty countries and thought that this would be our last trip.

My trip to Sri Lanka had basically been on a whim. Travel Guide: All About My Trip To Sri Lanka (Sept 2019) Hi beautiful souls♡ If you have been following along on my travel adventures in 2019 , you may know that after a 4-month journey through south-east asia, I came back to Melbourne in mid-August quite unexpectedly, yet it was what my soul needed at the time. I have been to India, but not yet to Sri Lanka. The natural beauty of the country led it to being called “pearl of the Indian ocean”.

My friend and I spent almost two months away from home in three countries, the last month in Sri Lanka.

The land area of my country measures nearly 2500 square miles and 30 percent of it’s covered by forests. I had the most amazing holiday of all in Sri Lanka!