negative effects of smartphones essay

Today, people are more engrossed with their mobile phones rather than with the physical surroundings. Benefits of Smartphone for Kids: 1. The Negative Effects of Smartphones. What are the negative effects of cell phones on teenagers? Cell phones effect to young people, according to the research teens view their cell phones as more than just an accessory, and it is also showing four out of five teens use cell phone than before. Negative impact of communication technology . However, as it turns out to be, many of us undermine our mental and physical state day by day, using cell phones so excessively. Negative effects of mobile phones on teenagers Mobile phones are in use every day by millions of people throughout the United States. Smartphones are also found to have a negative impact on your health. Social-the wrong person could get hold of mobile number, so be careful. The number of estimated Smartphone users in the world were more than 1.08 billion in early 2012, and the use of smartphones has increased rapidly. The negative effects of cell phones on social interactions are also a serious concern. They are used for communication, entertainment, social media, and information gathering. The main question for my project is ‘Does mobile phones have a negative effect on our youth’ Negative effects: Physical- mobile phones can affect you, such as brain damage. Or are we being controlled by technology unknowingly? However, with its different forms of use and numerous benefits, it continually results in Sleep deprivation is also one of the common bad effects of using smartphones. In the modern world cell phones have a notable impact on the lives of people everywhere. The research also shows the sense of security these teens said about 80 percent of the cell phones have. Even though this gives sufficient ground to provide your kids with cellphones, but this can have adverse effects as well, both on the physical and mental health of the new generation. We can’t but agree with this folk wisdom. Decreased Social Interaction. The Negative Impacts of Smartphones THE NEGATIVE IMPACTS OF SMARTPHONES Do you think smoking kills? Negative impact on your health. Other than basic communication functions, Smartphone nowadays also provide a large varieties of applications including games and other media functions. Smartphones emit radiofrequency energy which can be absorbed by the tissues in the body.

While the phones are very useful, they can come with their own distractions. Helpful in Emergency situations and 7.2 billion. Final Research Essay The introduction of the smartphone has changed the way our society functions in a mere decade. Negative Effects of Cell Phones on Your Health. Read on to find the answer.

Negative impacts of smartphones . The researchers experimented with 800 smartphone users and asked them to conduct a series of tests aimed at measuring their cognitive abilities. Adverse health effects: With the insanely increasing use of cell phones, smartphones, communication technology is posing a great risk to our health. All of them were given a choice of three options: store the phone in a pocket, place it on a … -As smartphones are now a global trend, this essay seeks to identify the main negative effects affecting teenagers from the use of smartphones, which includes how smartphones cause teenagers to be anti social, addicted, to cause health deprivation and to deteriorate education levels, followed by some practical solutions. In the previous decade,technological development boomed in the area of telecommunications, especially in the area of mobile technology. The debate about whether smartphones have an impact on society is long over and the answer is obvious, the debate has now focused on whether the impact is more positive or negative. Mental-mobile phones could interrupt studies. Lets wight the positive and negative effects of smartphone on child development. The more you are exposed to violent-themed news, videos and other forms of content, the more you are likely to develop a violent behavior, especially for children. Good health is above wealth. It eases communication with colleagues, friends and relatives.

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