paper made from elephant poop

Now this is a stinkin' good idea. Our Paper. The only thing they require is more grass, which makes more poop, which makes more paper. No trees are harmed with our paper made from 30% poo fiber and 70% recycled paper. Poop fibers from other animals such as cows, horses, Thai buffalos, donkeys etc. Elephant Poo paper and products. Fair wage jobs help local workers move from poverty to economic self-sufficiency. During this time, if you feel like you’re interested, you can attend the real activity, or the paper making activity. Making Paper Out of Elephant Poop The paper is made from 75 percent elephant dung (the other 25 is all post-consumer waste), which is collected from elephant orphanages in … Elephant Poo Paper! Visitors can browse and purchase from among the colorfully dizzying array of paper products proudly made from elephant waste. We provide education about the raging human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka. Nearby, a cafe serves refreshments, such as the popular POO POO Chip cookies, which thankfully aren’t made of poop, despite its name, but, like the rest of the food offered in the park, have been sourced out from its rich organic gardens. Papers, made using ingredients like marigold petals, lemon grass, tea waste and elephant poop, have many takers, she said. Yes, finally you can get creative and use elephant poo paper in whatever way you want. Poop to Paper the Process - Collecting Elephant poo fibers are collected from some of the many elephant sanctuaries and parks in northern Thailand and our local mahout network. This attractive journal and note paper box are actually made out of elephant poop! Creating Jobs. That’s right, it’s paper made from Elephant Poo and we are crazy enough to make it. And they need some water to drink.

There will be experts around to teach you, don’t worry. This helps the elephant poo fibers bond into a sheet of paper.

Why Sri Lanka. by Zinara Rathnayake November 8, 2019. Papermakers & Artisans. Our Paper. come to us from many farms, dairies and stables in the region. A Big Pile Of Genius. About 30% to 40% of Mr. Ellie Pooh's paper products are from elephant dung with the remainder being from post-consumer resources, such as toothpaste packaging and printer waste paper. After mixing the multiple kinds of fiber, coloring (non-toxic food coloring) is added to make dozens of different colors. Cotton rags, starch, caustic soda and other materials are added to the recycled dung to make the paper soft. Elephant dung is ideal for making paper.
We provide education about the raging human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka. To make this paper, the workers first collect the dung from the tea plantations or the elephant park in Munnar. Protecting Trees.