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The International Review of Financial Analysis (IRFA) is a non-affiliated refereed journal whose primary goal is to provide an outlet for high quality Financial Research. Its purpose is to convey an outstanding of some financial aspects of a business firm. The main task of an analyst is to perform an extensive analysis of financial statements Three Financial Statements The three financial statements are the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash … The balance sheet shows the company's allocations of assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity. The Financial Statements Three fi nancial statements are critical to fi nancial statement analysis: the balance sheet, the income statement, and the statement of cash fl ows. Due to the limited scope of this paper, the focus lies on the financial analysis with only a brief strategic analysis in the beginning to provide the reader with some basic background information on Amazon. These include the balance sheet, income statement, equity statement and cash flow statement. Financial analysis of a company may be performed for a variety of reasons, such as valuing equity securities, assessing credit risk, conducting due diligence related to an acquisition, or assessing a subsidiary’s performance. For further reference, a detailed strategic analysis is provided in the Appendix. We construct a financial and industry analysis for Motorola Corporation. Gudata (2015) who measures the financial performance of five commercial banks of the period 2007-2011 using ratio analysis was found that Commercial Bank of Ethiopia stands first in assets management where as Awash International Bank took the first rank in terms of profitability performance.

A financial statement is an organized collection of data according to logical and consist ant accounting procedures. The validity of any research is based on the systematic method of data collection analysis. The core of the financial analysis paper is the collection of the company's financial statements. organization. An example of the use of financial ratio analysis: the case of Motorola Abstract In this paper, we demonstrate the use of actual financial data for financial ratio analysis. It may show a

The journal is open to a diversity of Financial Research topics and will be unbiased in the selection process. The Ratio analysis is the process of identifying the financial soundness and cost effectiveness of the firm by establishing relationship between the items of balance sheet and …
The objective is to show students exactly how to compute ratios for an actual company. Guide to financial statement analysis. analysis of items in the financial statements by using different tools of analysis is called financial statements analysis.