saas investment thesis

This is giving prospective SaaS investors broad opportunities to invest in the digital space. SaaS operators are now testing the very thesis that has made SaaS companies attractive investments for over a decade. “We see hundreds of companies every year. Enterprise & SaaS; Bio; Consumer; Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains; Type. Stage: typically pre-Series A, although we will exercise pro rata. It was born out of a simple vision: create a new kind of investment group that focuses on supporting the earliest stage Founders and their teams. US 708 is the number of the fastest star in the galaxy.

The firm is based in … The Syndicate invests in strong founders building disruptive, early stage businesses that solve the world’s big problem. Articles; Video; Podcasts; Newsletters; About; search. Simply put, attractive SaaS companies possess a high percentage of contractually recurring revenue, strong gross profit margin, and high retention rates. We focus on large, winner take all (or most) markets and invest in startups with true innovation that are building businesses with defensible network effects. Type of Investments: Seed, Early-stage, Late-stage. Investment Thesis. Investment Thesis. Indie.VC.

... Thomas’ investment thesis leads the market by combining a value-led approach with an intimate knowledge of growth marketing and the M&A markets and negotiation. Point Nine Capital is a Berlin-based venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments related to SaaS and digital marketplaces. Close. Our Strategy Syndicate 708 was founded to serve the needs of early-stage deep tech entrepreneurs. In terms of sophistication and contribution to overall business growth, the digital marketing engine Shiv built at Wild Apricot is in the top 1%. It’s also why we pull How To SaaS into our portfolio companies where demand gen is core to our investment thesis.” Venture Capital Firm #26: Point Nine Image Source: Point Nine. The Software Report (fka "The SaaS Report") is a comprehensive source for market research and insights, business news, investment activity and corporate actions related to the software sector. Our Syndicate is our agile investment partnership. In this thesis we identified that SaaS deployment differs from a typical (non-SaaS) software deployment and that SaaS projects have several characteristics that should be addressed when selecting a suitable PMM. Indie.VC is a 12-month program designed for founders who aim to build profitable companies. This article is part of our Valuation by Business Model series, in which we provide you with information on what makes your particular business model unique when it comes to valuation.