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Coaches of Storied Cheerleading Team Fired After Hazing Scandal. This source was helpful because it talked about some points of cheerleading that I never thought about. Drawing on interviews with college cheerleaders on coed squads, as well as five years of fieldwork in various cheerleading sites, this paper examines the debate over cheerleading and sport in terms of its gender politics. Last August, an anonymous source contacted the university … Head cheerleading coach Edy Pratt declined to comment Tuesday. Cheerleading: A Comprehensive Study 1 CHEERLEADING: A COMPREHENSIVE STUDY OF BIOMECHANICS, COMMON INJURIES, PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION OF INJURIES A Case Report Presented to The Faculty of the College of Health Professions and Social Work Florida Gulf Coast University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy _____ … Of these articles, the most interesting one involves potential brain injuries and selected surfaces. Study Design: Retrospective cohort study. The 4 articles on cheerleading injuries in this issue of JAT, which use epidemiologic data collection methods, are a great start to better cheerleading injury data, but with only 1 year of data, making reliable recommendations for safety is difficult. This academic journal explained injuries when it came to competitive cheerleading. Throw in a big name gym and a big name team and the levels go off the charts. Purpose: To develop a profile of catastrophic injuries in cheerleading and to describe relevant risk factors. Family practice. May 19, 2019 admin The Passionate Scholarly "We have talked about the idea of embracing scholarship, embracing the perspectives, the methods and techniques and strategies and sources and knowledge. Cheerleading occupies a contested space in American culture and a key point of controversy is whether it ought to be considered a sport.

Cheerleading has a lower overall injury rate than women's sports like gymnastics and soccer. to the table as a trained academic.

Cheerleading has taught me how to put myself together again.

Southern Medical Journal, 87(9), S37.

Methods: We reviewed 29 of 39 incidents of cheerleading injuries reported to the National Center for … But the rate of catastrophic injury, causing death or permanent disability, is comparatively high

The stress of being on a competitive cheer team is enough to overwhelm a person.

A three-month investigation also found alcohol use and public nudity by students on the University of Kentucky team, the school said. Scholarly Sources On Cheerleading. It helps me shape my argument by showing that competitive cheerleading is a sport. (1994). Cheerleading teams in states whose high school athletic associations do not sanction cheerleading cover their own costs, often running to hundreds of dollars monthly.