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The first serious scholarly account of the works of comedian John Clarke has just been published. A scholarly anthology of essays of comic theory and criticism. The form is comedy, as represented by the joke. Last year, Dr Sharon Lockyer set up the Centre for Comedy Studies Research at Brunel University, London, and even an … Topics include comedy and matricide, “penis size” jokes, and cartoon comedy. Two intermingled themes dominate this exploration: comedians’ need for their jokes to be recognized as their own personal (or authentic) creations, and the media environment in which the production of comedy is shaped. Here, we consider the creative genius of his command of language. Articles on Comedy. Performers mentioned range from Charlie Chaplin to Woody Allen to The Three Stooges. This article explores the processes by which a specific form of new content is generated. Contributors include Lucy Fischer, Noel Carroll, Dana Polan, Peter Brunette, and William Paul among others. Thinking about comedy is becoming a big academic industry.