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Hello, Is it possible to create a template in ServiceNow Knowledge so that when employees create knowledge articles, they don't have to do any formatting? Sign in to ServiceNow. Before publishing, always review this checklist for knowledge article formatting. To build a knowledge article.

It will remind you how to format links, write headlines, organize information, and much more. From top to bottom, a knowledge base should be educational, motivational, and organized. Add an on-screen reference. Jumpstart your knowledge base by importing Word documents directly into Knowledge Management. Most of all, a knowledge base should build upon itself to coalesce into an educational archive that’s accessible and practical. 2 comments.

HTML formatting supported by the editor, such as tables, lists, and links, as well as text styling are preserved. Below is an example of the template we utilize for each standard Knowledge Article. Note: The formatting in the above table will only be visible after the KB article has been published.You will not see it in the submission or review process! You should also reference the article on drafting content in Google … Bolding can be used to indicate GUI labels and links.

Browse Now Community Forums Browse Now Community Forums Browse Now Community Forums Browse Now Community Forums Browse Now Community Forums Browse Now Community Forums Images are added as attachments to the knowledge article and embedded in the article body. 10 great knowledge base examples. In other words, once the text is copied from MS Word an pasted into a ServiceNow template, the formatting is already in place.

Article formatting in ServiceNow may not look identical to the page displayed on the website. The Knowledge Article Editor in ServiceNow allows us to easily and consistently format each article using templates and a multitude of tools. This will add it to a list of articles for maintainers to review and revise per the best practices outlined in this article. It must answer common questions efficiently to save customers time and confusion.

Navigate to Knowledge Base > Published > KB0000022 (as a good example) Right click on the Knowledge header and select Export > PDF (Portrait) Notice that the content of the KB looks different to the exported KB article What matters most is using a standardized format for your articles. If you would like a knowledge base maintainer to review your article for formatting and style (or find an article that could use a formatting and style review), simply add the label r-style to the article. ServiceNow Knowledge Article Templates.

In the left navigation column, go to Knowledge and click Create New to start a new article.

For this reason, it's important to check the formatting once your article has been pulled into Drupal.