stretching watercolor paper with staples

Check the Soak Level. If you use 300# paper you don't even have to worry about stretching. Stretching watercolor paper keeps it from buckling while you are painting on it. For those still not familiar with gator boards, a Gator Board or equivalent is a lightweight, sturdy foam core board with hard eggshell-like surfaces on either side used for stretching watercolor paper. Paper stretchers use clamps to hold the soaked paper to a board. A simple watercolor stretcher by Michael Mott : A finished project. For the sound it reminds me of when I punch through it with staples. Watercolor paper; Water; Container; Stretching support; Tape or staples; Instructions. I said it! As the paper is tub-sized in natural gelatin and air-dried, it can take scrubbing, scratching, & erasing while keeping the original intensity of the watercolor. A Method to Prevent Buckling in Watercolor without Stretching Your Paper (for studies and practice) - Duration: 7:37. The first step in paper stretching is soaking the paper. Stretching your watercolor paper is an important step because it keeps the paper from wrinkling when you paint. Lay the paper down on your art board and rip strips of paper tape (gummed tape you can find at … see more Stretching watercolor paper allows your paintings to stay taut, and therefore dry flat.

I paint on 140# paper using very wet washes. These come in specific sizes and your paper must be trimmed to fit, a few mm less than the board so that it is not larger than the board when soaked, as the paper … Mould made. Yep! Soaking the paper for more than 10 minutes could wash away all the sizing. Hello all, my name is Marsha Riti, and I am a children’s book illustrator as well as a member of the Girllustrators.I primarily use watercolor for my illustrations, and I find stretching my paper to be very helpful for these reasons: There are four faults that are the most common reasons for failure when stretching paper: 1. Method 1 – Stretching paper to use later. There are so many opinions and tutorials on how to stretch watercolor paper. Then you can staple or glue the paper to a board. To resolve this issue, watercolor paper can be “soaked and stretched” so it remains completely flat when the artist begins painting. The paper is heavy enough to keep from warping on it's own. Soak. Soaking paper then drying the painting surface. Acid-free, chlorine-free, & made of 100% cotton fibers for extra strength & stability. You want to remove the paper when it's soft, but not floppy. Stretching watercolor paper: Purpose: Medium weight watercolor paper, such as Arches 140 lb cold-pressed, will buckle quite a bit if painted upon without being “stretched” first. You’ll end up with a perfectly flat surface on which to work. Alternatively, you can use a canvas stretcher to stretch out the paper. There is a 1/8-inch gap between the paper and the backboard this provides both protection and support for the stretcher and the paper. The other materials you will need is a heavy duty staple gun with 1/4 inch staples.

I have not had a problem with warping using staples, unless I didn't get the staples in far enough from the deckled edges, or if I didn't use enough staples on each side. Start with watercolor paper that is 100% cotton, not a wood fiber paper with a neutral PH rating. It is not necessary for 300-pound paper, but lesser weights of paper will immediately start buckling as soon as you add a wash to them. If the paper fails it can simply be re-used by cutting it off the board, re-soaking and re-stretching. These are particularly noticeble when you put the painting under a mat. This surface will stay relatively flat as you work and the finished painting will dry perfectly flat.

What You Need. What happens if the paper has failed to stretch. 1. Watercolor paper expands when it is wet. That’s how important I feel stretching your watercolor paper is. For this method, you soak your paper in a bath tub or bucket for about 10 to 15 minutes. However, if you soak the paper and secure (staples, butcher's tape) it during its expanded stage, when it tries to shrink, it pulls tight and stays that way. The hard eggshell-like description is just my observation. Eliminate the need for stretching. The simplest, quickest way to avoid your watercolour paper buckling by stretching it, using staples or brown paper parcel tape, by Andrew & Jasmine Hodgson. THE GREATEST SKILL YOU’LL EVER LEARN. It is important that the staples are not too far apart or when the paper dries it will be pulled through the staples and most of the benefit of stretching will be lost. An alternative to using gummed paper tape or staples is to use a paper stretcher. It is also possible to purchase stretching boards or ‘paper stretchers’ from your local art store. I was looking up different types of boards to use for stretching paper using staples and came across your blog. So why is stretching your paper so important – well let’s be frank and honest – painting on warping paper isn’t fun nor easy. Soak your paper in cool water for 5-10 minutes. The paper should be 2 inches larger than the wooden canvas stretcher.

Excellent for watercolor, gouache, pen and ink, acrylics, and calligraphy Convenient blocks of watercolor paper eliminate the need for stretching 0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews 2. It shrinks back when it dries. Level: Easy. Hi Judy! Supplies: Watercolor paper; Large clean tray for water: tray should have one dimension slightly …