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Next Monday, March 9, a national strike called “A day without us (women)” will take place. Through engaging speakers and topics, the series hopes to spark dialogue and collaboration across Monash University’s research community for a sustainable future. SUMMARY 3 funding of the Framework Programme “Research for .

The School of Geography and Sustainable Development (SGSD) is delighted to announce the 2020 PhD Studentship Competition. Publication from topic Sustainable Development. The most researched topics (poverty, microfinance, behavioral economics - not so much health) are the most investigated here as well. Shah, in Encyclopedia of Ecology, 2008. RESEARCH FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME OF THE BMBF. Two fully funded PhD scholarships are available to join the School's vibrant research community. View Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Research Papers on for free. MSDI's research seminar series aims to foster interdisciplinary conversations on the grand sustainable development challenges of our time.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG s) herald a new phase for international development. This article presents the results of a consultative exercise to collaboratively identify 100 research questions of critical importance for the post‐2015 international development agenda. Sustainable development should be analyzed and measured in correlation with the analysis of economic growth and the share of individual sectors in the country's economic development… Sustainable Development” will continuously take up these topics, which turns the Framework Programme into a learning, programmatically self-renewing programme. Sustainable Development. M.M.

Even though migration is a subject much discussed, there is still an evident lack of development research focused on small and median enterprises and the functioning of markets. Financing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing countries is a major challenge.