values are more important than money essay

How much do you really need to live comfortably or even beyond comfortable? That is why health is more important than wealth. Money Essay 4 (250 words) Money is very much required thing in the life however; it cannot buy things like time, love and true care. You work to provide for yourself and your family. It will find a way to work. Without love, money loses value.
This essay and speech shows why you can not survive without money in today's world. Could your parents survive with no money? However, whether or not it is actually the only thing people are interested in today is much of controversy.

The doing is often more important than the outcome.” Arthur Ashe, World number 1 Tennis player How will we feel when we look back on our lives from high up on our mountain of gold?

Yet so many people just keep working and slaving to have MORE money.

In my experience, 80% of those who are educated and those who are still in school or college and university, they are just going to school, because they just want to get the better pay. Money and love are two big topics that often get debated. 1. Health Without our health, nothing really matters. I’m not saying that money isn’t important. We are defined by what we choose to find important in our lives. There are other characteristics that are more important in people, such as, how other people are inside themselves. None can deny the importance of money in life. That point being when your life isn’t literally threatened anymore. We must assign appropriate value to the intangible areas of our lives, such as our honor, personal relationships, peace of mind, and quality family time, to name a few examples. People think money will buy experiences, but the truth is there is … Some people are so focused on making money that they would even consider it more important than their family and friends, according to a survey commissioned by Skrill, a money transfer company. Experiences Definitely morals. It’s an endless cycle.

On the other hand, some people think that love is more important than money, and the reason being that money can’t buy love and love is what makes the world goes around. The unit of an economy is each person, not each dollar. Markets exist to serve our common goals and values.

2. To be honest, most of educated people are just looking for the comfort zone. Happiness Is More Important Than Money : Essay, Speech, Article Why Happiness Is More Important Than Money ? I agree time is much more valuable than money. Happiness Is More Important Than Money : No doubt, money is important to survive and to earn that money people require to work.This is one of the central reasons of working but, I truly believe that, money is not everything and we cannot buy happiness with money. 1. Money is really important in our lives.

In fact, in a healthy life, money often follows behind many other elements in your life. We are defined by our prioritizations. In a nut shell, I can certainly say that money is more important and even turns out to be what sets the value we claim to be more important than the money. They will want only what's good for Themselves, become jealous, envious, insecure, Dishonest, uncaring, unhealthy, revengeful

Rather, this is a plea to acknowledge that there’s more to life than money. If money matters more than anything, then that will come to define who we are. For me I think the danger is becoming obsessed with MORE money. Or rather, we forget what it was like before having that money. Love is more important than money. Yes, I so agree that health is much more important Than wealth! Even money is important to have a good life and without it we cannot do anything, it is not the most important one. Just more than half of respondents said they valued their time over money, and overall they were happier than those who said making money was more important than their time. 3.