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10 Great YouTube Channels for Teaching Video Essays With more than 7 billion videos on YouTube, it can be challenging to curate what's best for your classroom. Canva is an all-around design tool that cares about your brand and channel. Alongside Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting (listed in a previous roundup), Kristian Williams’s videos dive into history and theory in well-executed short films. Reservoir Dogs - A Lesson In Storytelling by Jack's Movie Reviews. Tim Schmoyer covers all things YouTube on his channel, sharing tips and ideas to optimize your YouTube videos for audience development, engagement, and sharing. June 6, 2018 / Late Night Parents / 0 Comments. Here’s why: Video essays ground their arguments in important cultural or political topics. In the kaptainkristian channel, you will find fantastic video essays on animation, filmmaking, VFX, and comics. Sign in . You can even quote a YouTube video in your work. But YouTube hosts its own stable of educational channels with hundreds of videos apiece, just waiting to blow your mind.The people behind these videos … What = "Home [YouTube Channel]": As you can see below, every YouTube channel’s title is "Home" by default unless you are citing one of the other tabs (Videos, Playlists, Channels, Discussion, About) on the channel. It should make them want to subscribe and watch some of your videos to get to know you better. Loading... Save. On top of this, some truly unique genres and types of videos have sprung from the platform. One of these — the video essay — can be a great tool for media-literacy education. It is also a good place to answer questions they may have about your channel and content. With 525,000+ subscribers and over 850 videos, Video Creators is one of the best channels for YouTube marketing and growth. If so, just substitute that tab’s name. Sign in to YouTube. Your YouTube channel description should tell viewers everything they need to know about you, your channel, and your videos, without giving too much away.

From our guide to YouTube channel art to our video maker, Canva’s got your back. But amid all of the frivolous, silly, or even obnoxious content, there are gems to be found. Kaptainkristian is one of the best YouTube video essayists. Don’t just create a YouTube intro, build the rest of your YouTube channel brand profile on Canva. YouTube has given life to some unique genres and types of videos. 10 YouTube Teaching Video Essays Channels . video essays Nanc; 70 videos; 11 views; Updated today; Play all Share. To do this, provide a timestamp to show where the quoted passage occurs in the video: Decision makers behind a veil of ignorance make ‘better and less biased choices’ (Rawlsian Veil of Ignorance, 2015, 00:02:20).In this case, the timestamp shows that the passage occurs two minutes and twenty seconds into the video. When = "n.d." because YouTube channels are undated.