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Template locking. Below is a list of these items, which will continue to grow to reflect the work of the association and its members.

Outline of the FY2014 Annual Report on Energy (Energy White Paper 2015)(PDF:2,298KB) 2014. White papers (Meld.St.) Download .

This page is dedicated to store all the White Papers and Reports related to the NGI Initiative. The Online Harms White Paper sets out the government’s plans for a world-leading package of measures to keep UK users safe online. An introduction to hybrid cloud. This consultation ran from 8 … White papers, Reports. Longform Technical White Paper Template. Outline of the FY2013 Annual Report on Energy (Energy White Paper 2014)(PDF:4,474KB),(ZIP:4,141KB) 2013. Find out about financial effects of attacks and how to protect yourself. White papers tend to be in the form of a report to the Storting on the work carried out in a particular field and future policy.

Download the exclusive Mobile Employee Experience report to explore the biggest frustrations impacting employees and how to overcome these issues. Eliminate the risk of employees accidentally stretching, moving, discoloring (you get the point) your brand assets by locking down fonts, images, logos, position, and more. White Paper Enter a new era of IT flexibility with hybrid cloud. White Papers & Reports. White Papers and Reports. White papers, Reports. View. White Papers and Reports Z-DAG White Paper Z-DAG (Zero Confirmation Directed Acyclic Graph) was developed by Syscoin core developer and CTO of Blockchain Foundry Inc., Jag Sidhu, as a scalability solution for assets and tokens on Syscoin Platform. Outline of the FY2012 Annual Report on Energy (Energy White Paper 2013)(PDF:1,023KB) 2012 Never see a stretched logo or off-brand color again. The Mobile Employee Experience Report. A number of white papers, position statements, reports from ACRL and ALA units, and the like have been produced over the years and published online. Official ACRL Guidelines, Standards, and Frameworks can be found in the Guidelines, Standards, and Frameworks area of this site. NGI: the people building Internet of tomorrow (NGI4ALL | position paper) NGI: expertise to select, fund, mentor and coordinate Next Generation Internet projects (NGI4ALL | position paper) Operational Intelligence for Enterprise Mobility. White papers & reports COVID-19: A biological hazard goes digital Whitepaper: As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic spreads worldwide, cyber threat actors are capitalizing on the global health crisis. are drawn up when the Government wishes to present matters to the Storting that do not require a decision. White Paper Report: The true cost of a Web Application Attack.