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While B2C exchanges are the subject of numerous studies on the transformations brought by the digital technologies, B2B exchanges are far less analyzed. It simplifies processes and how work gets done. In so doing, the review raises a number of possibilities for teachers to act as knowledge builders, as collaborators and as reflexive practitioners. Increasing amounts of research in the professions is exploring the issues raised by the introduction of digital technologies and the use of big data and analytics. Building on a conceptualization of exchanges between companies as made of activity links, resource ties, and actor bonds, this paper offers to identify three types of “digitalization” according to the nature of the most deeply impacted link. In medicine, for example, electronic patient records (EPRs) are being implemented in hospitals across most developed countries. Keeping Pace with Technology Matthew Cain, Gartner analyst, discusses digital workplace technologies. This kind of technology access can become addictive for some. Q1 “Research and critically examine the idea that all businesses should have a core sustainability strategy.” Q2 “Research and critically examine the benefits of starting your own business venture as a career option.” Q3 “Research and critically examine how current digital technologies can enhance working relationships”. It may feed well-meaning workers’ tendency towards working long hours and always being “on,” but in the end does not help balance can be hard to achieve. Digital capabilities and technologies have potentially gotten ahead of workers and the traditional work culture. In order to develop your academic skills of researching, […] Personal IoT Workplaces can take advantage of their employees’ personal networks of beacons and sensors for scenarios such as smart badges, that show contextual digital signs; or the ability to identify people when they approach a building to schedule meeting rooms, assign desks, and order meals. No-one can argue that technology has impacted the workplace in positive ways. We spoke with Stacia Sherman Garr, vice president of talent management and workforce research at Deloitte Consulting, LLP, about the implications of embracing a systemic relationship with talent and how it can help organizations drive employee engagement, improve financial outcomes and enhance overall performance. It improves working conditions, increases security, and simplifies communication and the flow and exchange of information. affordances of digital technologies to enhance and expand these environments. Workers around the world can work on the same document, at the same time, in real time.