athletes deserve high salaries essay

Therefore, they deserve to earn more. They also have the celebrity effect, which draws more paying fans in. In this essay I will demonstrate to you the reasons that professional athletes deserve the high salaries that they are currently taking in each year. Bad Habits. Unlikely Allies. Maybe they are, but I don Time when I felt disappointment. Finally I believe athletes deserve … Athletes Don’t Get Paid As Much As We Think. I also hope that you will be able to follow my reasoning and eventually agree with my opinion that athletes deserve to have the high salaries they do.

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Athletes’ salaries aren’t from their owners, but they come from other sources (“Athletes’ Salary”). Another reason of equal importance is that these famous athletes sacrifice something to get what they have. Thus, they deserve a high reward like good salaries. Property Intruders. Same Sex Schools. When the athletes get the gold medal with the national flag on their back and enjoy the cheers and yells from the audience,they make a great contribution to the reputation of their countries. The MLB dominates other sports in average salary for the top 100 earners with 16.4 million dollars. Do professional athletes deserve their hefty salaries? Experimentation On Animals. Athletes deserve high salaries essays Are athletes getting paid too much? There are four major reasons that I feel athletes deserve all of their money. Things Fall Apart Essay. How to end a relationship. Read other papers done by Harper: Social Norms Essay How to end a relationship. Sitemap. Athletes get paid an extremely high salary for the work they do, and should consider the value of their work. This paper will look at the reasons behind professional athletes’ salaries to find out if it is justified or they are plainly overpaid. While the highest paid athletes draw more attention, the truth is that most athletes are fairly paid. The Benefits Of Professional Athletes In Sports. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. comparable professional athletes are in their respective sports, looking at the top 100 earners in each sport will help. The current pay of professional athletes in the United States has been the target of social media and the public due to the hefty amount athletes make. Web 2.0 projects . … Same Sex Schools.

Television Violence. Plus, we tend to forget that published professional athletes’ salaries are gross salaries. While these may seem huge, so are the deductions from them.

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