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Considering the treasure trove of data companies are handling these days, Spreadsheet and Database management skill tops the list. Among all types of computer skills, the skill to use the Internet has become increasingly important. In order to determine the most essential computer skills for today’s job market, we polled a group of professionals from leading Silicon Valley corporations like Genentech, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, and Oracle. The more skills you have to include on your resume, the easier it will be to find your next new job. In this lesson you have practised your phonics skills and developed your knowledge and vocabulary about rainforests. When talking about computer skills, following are the 6 computer skills that can fill your mailbox with endless job opportunities (besides, having an English and Hindi typing speed of 40+ WPM):- 1. Spreadsheets and Databases. Microsoft Office programs, with particular attention to Word, Excel and PowerPoint -- roughly in that order. Choose from a range of courses, from free online taster sessions to courses leading to qualifications. Hardware skills can be as simple as knowing how to turn devices on and off. Essential Internet skills, such as email, Web browsing and searching. By choosing people from a wide variety of careers, we expected to get a wide variety of answers. Improve your computer skills. Basic Computer Skills. There are other useful articles on Bitesize to help you.

Computer skills are becoming increasingly important in this field, so you may want to look into adding these applications to your resume: Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint is a computer program that allows you to develop interesting, interactive, and dynamic presentations. Basic Computer and Mobile Device Skills ; Computer Hardware Skills; Computer Software Skills; Microsoft Office. Computer skills fit into two categories: hardware and software. The program lets you incorporate text, graphics, and audio into your presentations. Basic computer skills, such as using a mouse, typing on a keyboard, and navigating file systems and menus. Computer skills are a must-have for anyone who wants to find a job these days, no matter what industry you’re in—all due respect to the humble pen and paper. Skills vary by job, of course, but there are some basic skills that will help you get hired and boost your chances of getting a promotion. Hardware skills allow you to physically operate a computer. They might also involve more complex tasks like connecting machines to networks, changing parts or fixing broken devices. Improving your computer skills can help you keep in touch with friends and family, get on at work or help with further learning. How to Get Started . The Internet is a web of information and a virtual database. Employees' computer skills are positively associated with their reemployment.