debriefing in research

DEBRIEFING: "The debriefing for the project explained some details about why the research was done." Debriefing is the counterpart to the informed consent stage that occurs when participants are recruited for research, including communication research, and it is a central consent component of study designs involving the deception of human participants. Researchers may find that the use of deception, or incomplete disclosure, is... 2. Use of Debriefing as an Educational Tool In some research studies, however, disclosing full information at time of consent or at all, may introduce bias, nullify validity of results, or prevent the research from taking place. April 7, 2013 The process after a research project where the participants are given more details about the project. Debriefing Process Guidance 1. For these reasons, deception is sometimes required. Debriefing is the act of informing participants about the intentions of the study in which they just participated; during this process, researchers reveal any … Use of Debriefing for Deception Studies Depending on the nature of the research, a thorough debriefing may include an examination of the following material: Transcripts Documents Handwritten notes Recorded interviews Photographs