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PDF | The following study presents preliminary research into leadership differences between men and women.

This paper presents gender differences in learning styles and recommends teaching methodologies most preferred for female learners in STEM courses. Not surprisingly, social norms for heterosexual coupling and care of any resulting children are closely intertwined with gender.

In the next section, I document the trends in gender gaps in educational attainment. Gender builds on biological sex, but it exaggerates biological difference, and

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These center around biologically based or socio-cultural explanations for gender differences, or combina-tions of both (Eagly & Wood, 2013; Halpern & Tan, 2001): (a) differential rates of maturation, (b) gender differences in

Theoretical explanations for the emergence of gender differences in reading and language proficiency have been offered. gender differences in performance, we use a noncompetitive en-vironment, a piece rate scheme. Other studies have failed to replicate this pattern of results, and have either not found individual differences, or differences that do not clearly support the idea that people with conventional gender identities process information Finally, I will also survey available evidence on policies that have affected the gender balance in educational attainment. I will mostly focus on industrialized countries gender is the social elaboration of biological sex. But that is far from the full story. The rest of the article is structured in the following way.

To test whether there is a gender differentiated impact of competition on performance, the second 8.

gender than Cross-sex-typed, Androgynous, or Undifferentiated subjects.

gender differences in attainment.