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The no-pass-no-play rule allows a student to get all D’s and remain eligible to compete. To deprive a talented student of his one area of success is cruel, harsh, and not beneficial. Abstract In the original “No Pass/No Play” legislation (enacted by Texas State Legislature in 1985), students had to pass all classes with at least a 70% average to participate in sports or extracurricular activities. No, THEY DON’T come first to a talented musician, artist, or athlete. No Pass No Play Rule No Pass No Play Rule Law and Legal Definition No pass no play rule is a state law requiring public school students who participate in extracurricular activities to maintain a minimum grade-point average. At suburban North Chicago High School, a no pass-no play rule instituted several years ago had to be rescinded when programs started shrinking because of academic casualties. Reviews two recent court challenges to the rules' constitutionality, focusing on due process, authority, and participation as a right or privilege. Since then, no pass/no play regulations have been enacted across the nation with little evidence regarding their effectiveness. "No Pass, No Play," which was adopted by state lawmakers in 1984, originally prohibited students from competing in school-sponsored events for six weeks if, among other things, they didn't pass … Under No Pass No Play students must pass all their school courses to be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics or music. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that students' rights to participate in extracurricular activities were not on the same level as rights to free speech and found that the state law barring failing students from extracurricular activities was rationally related to a legitimate state interest in educational quality. (PGD) NO PASS, NO PLAY should be changed or completely done away with. I read an article about No Pass, No Play that said the policy sent a powerful message that Academics Come First. Discusses "no pass-no play" rules adopted by many state legislatures and local school districts that raise the academic standards students must meet before participating in extracurricular activities. (December 2018) No Pass No Play is a Texas public education policy that came about as a result of the passage of House Bill 72 by the Texas Legislature in 1984, and became effective in 1985.