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Nurses are involved in the care of patients displaying chronic wounds, from geriatric nursing and venous ulcers, to palliative care and pressure ulcers, and onto primary care for diabetic patients with ulcers. In Sprakes and Tyrer’s (2010) research article entitled “Improving Wound and Pressure Area Care in a Nursing Home”, the effectiveness of wound and pressure ulcer management was examined. Our nursing and healthcare experts are ready and waiting to assist with any writing project you may have, from simple essay plans, through to full nursing dissertations.

In this essay we provided a detailed evaluation of wound management and tissue viability using various studies to show the nursing perspectives of wound care and the various aspects of wound management including nutrition, dressing and pain conditions. Wound management is one of the cornerstones for nursing care however, effective wound care extends far beyond the application of the wound itself. According to Ennis and Weness (2000), excess of exudates within the wound can also inhibit healing.

Essay on Wound Care Assignment Identification of the stages and processes of a wound is an essential aspect of treatment.

It is clear that wound management is a complex area and the it is the nurses responsibility to ensure that they give the correct care to the patient and they use the dressings that are selected on their knowledge and understanding of what the dressing will achieve they need to be constantly aware of new products available to treat the wounds. Identify and discuss an aspect of adult nursing care and its underpinning research. Control of exudates is therefore essential. An example of would be the ability to recognize the difference between the inflammatory phase of a wound and the signs of wound infection, in order for the necessary treatment to be applied (the physiology of wound healing: an emergency response, 2002). Wound care is not focused specifically on trauma; instead, it can extend into issues concerning bed sores and a myriad of other health care engagements. Section/# Wound Care Wound care is one most common issues that a primary care giver will come in contact with during the course of administering his/her daily duties. Primary considerations for the nurse in chronic wound care include the patient characteristics, the type of wound, and evidence-based practice for remediation. DESCRIPTION. Using the Gibbs (1988) reflective model for analysis, I will be relaying my thoughts and feelings through this essay which talks about my experience in achieving my learning outcome on surgical wound care.

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The Essay on Improving Wound and Pressure Area Care in a Nursing Home. Wound care essay. In compilation of this essay the author has preserved the confidentiality and identity of all service users that have been referenced to. As I started my adaptation program in the surgical ward, I am expected to be dealing so much with surgical wound care.