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If you’re excited to try a reusable, machine washable paper towel made from organically sourced bamboo, give some thought to Bambooee , a 30-sheet roll that the manufacturer says replaces up to 429 regular paper towel rolls. A paper towel is also known as a tissue paper, and is made from absorbent paper rather than cloth. With this new idea for marketing, Bounty replaced Charmin towels in 1965, and introduced a new 2-ply towel which was thicker, softer, and more absorbent than on … This article contains some interesting, amazing, and plain facts pertaining to these type of towels. Though pricey, these durable paper towels come in value packs of six stylish boxes (for 360 towels) and are ideal as fresh and disposable guest hand towels. While most paper towels were being marketed promoting their strength or softness, P&G found consumers primarily preferred absorbency. We all use paper towels in the kitchen, toilet, and even when we are down with a cold. These paper towels are often used by customers who don’t use a ton of paper towels regularly, except for small spills and cleanups. When it’s time to clean up a mess around the house, the right paper towel goes a long way.But with an entire aisle of choices in every store, which paper towel offers the best cleaning ability for the money? The aisle of toilet paper and paper towels were nearly empty at a H-E-B in Cypress on Monday, March 2, 2020, as consumers rushed to buy household staples.