phd paper rejected

I was at MFA two years ago. The truth is you don't need to publish a Nature paper during your postgrad to get your PhD. They lack focus. Here's an email I've sent to doc students about the system I use.

PhD by publication is becoming increasingly common in many fields of study.
You can imagine my reaction… I feel as bad as you may be now. I received a letter from the editor telling me that the paper was rejected because the priority of the paper was low for the journal!

93. One paper in my session is now forthcoming and another one is R&R, both at top3. There are two primary kinds of rejection. [citation needed] A doctoral degree is often earned with multiple levels of a Latin honors remark for the thesis ranging from summa cum laude (best) to rite (duly). 2) Poor quality of total article, its outlay without any coherence. I'm posting it here so more people can access it. Not receiving this prize has freed up some thesis and writing time. It takes place before peer review and is the result of problems such as an author submitting an incomplete manuscript, neglecting the journal’s instructions for authors or failing to achieve a standard of English that allows the research to be understood and reviewed. Maybe, therefore, the trick is to not get rejected in the first place. Got paper rejected 2nd time. You don't even have to publish a first-author paper to … Recently my research paper got rejected. plagiarism, insufficient literature review, a lack of novelty ... that is obviously part of a recently completed PhD project. ... My department decided to launch the Ph.D. leg of the MSc.

This year, I got into my top choice. I’ve written about rejections several times, and most of this is scattered throughout the blog, so I thought it might be helpful to amalgamate the most important points together. I'll be defending my Master's in late August and then starting my Ph.D. immediately in 2 weeks. A similar situation had happened during my PhD, submitted to a nature publisher journal, after the first round of revision one reviewer accepted straight away. Paper rejection is like the weather for researchers, it just happens… Most of the time you can predict it, and every so often the reviewer says ‘it’s raining’ but really it’s sunny outside. The paper’s contribution is to summarize the existing literature of some topic—something everyone can easily write, but most journals are not looking for (or if they are looking for review papers, these review papers tend to be solicited). Most journal… program. I applied to 15 phd programs, rejected to all. 1) Nothing new/ significant in the paper.

I ended up with a 3.6 gpa from a top 30 school (top 15 public), 163v, 154q, 4.0aw, and I had research experience of 2 years but it was in a cognitive psychology lab.

Maybe academics can try to publish in the lower ranked journals (1 paper in Nature does not equate to 10 papers in the Journal of ‘insert your field here’). Seventy percent (70%) of all papers submitted to a high impact academic journal get rejected without peer-review. All in one place. also rejected from 2 master's programs (1 in general psyc, and 1 in clinical) as well which was rather surprising.