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(iii) At the time of the creation of Pakistan there was a cash balance of Rs. Past Paper of Pakistan Studies (Combination of both Subjective & Objective) PMS 2015 Note: Attempt in English or Urdu .. Attempt FIVE questions in all. 2020. Labels: PMS 2015 Papers.

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January 2020; February 2020; March 2020; April 2020; 2019. No … Download Free Books Pakistan Studies Past Papers O… Draftsman Assistant Chemist Skilled Fitter Painter… Pakistan Railways Junior Auditor Syllabus MCQs… Sub Engineer WASA Faisalabad Jobs Syllabus MCQs Past… PTS Syllabus MCQs Past Sample Papers for Preparation… Pakistan Railways Sub Engineer Civil Mechanical…

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Here Pakistani students can get Punjab Public Service Commission Exams Urdu Past Papers. Here you can View and download PMS Past Paper 2012 for the subject Pakistan Studies and get ideas regarding new latest PMS model paper of Pakistan Studies.It will help you to preparation of Pakistan Studies examination of Provincial Management Service (PMS). Past papers are of great importance whenever it comes about preparation of tests on Provincial level like PCS / PMS Exams by PPSC. Pakistan Studies Paper PMS 2015-2016 Pakistan Studies Paper PMS 2015-2016 Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC PMS PCS 2015 - December 30, 2015.

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The PMS Exam Purpose of establishing these services to control and improve the directorate structure in the provinces. CSS Pakistan Affairs Past Papers Pakistan … PMS Papers 2015; PMS Papers 2016; PMS Papers 2017; PMS Papers 2019; Magazine Archives.

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Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established an Institution in 1864, with the objective to translate books from English to Urdu and Persian, known as: (A) Aligarh Institute (B) The Scientific Society (C) Muhammaden Educational Conference (D) Ghazipur Educational Society 2.
PMS paper of Islamic Studies was Held on 30-12-2015 Past Paper of Pakistan Studies (Combination of both Subjective & Objective)... ppscforum - February 15, 2020 Click on following images to Enlarge PMS Pakistan Studies Past Paper 2012:

2020. 2-Discuss the main events of the Faraizi Movement. Q NO.7: Fill in the blanks:- 2*10=(20 Marks) (i) Partition of Bengal took place in the year 1905 and it was proposed by Lord Curzon (ii) The Muslim League won 30 Muslim seats in the Central Assembly and 425 Muslim Seats in the Provincial Assemblies in the elections of 1945-46.

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As per the order of the SGAD Government of the Punjab-Pakistan, these services existed on 17 JANUARY, 2014. January 2020; February 2020; March 2020; April 2020; 2019. However, in optional subjects, there’s a different story. Select board / Uni. Despite major failings of governance, economic growth during the past decade has resulted in the emergence of a youthful and dynamic middle class. | For more Past Papers please explore the Past Papers section.

8 is compulsory 1-Describe the services of Shah Waliullah for the renaissance of Muslims in India. Question No.
Latest PMS Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies Papers 2015-16 (Compulsory Combination of both Subjective & Objective) PPSC Combined Competitive Examination by Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore Posted on 31/12/2015 by Adspk11 January 2019; February 2019; ... PMS-2019 Pakistan Studies Paper.