research question for video game addiction

Survey on Video Game Addiction Hello, We are a group of students from the National University of Singapore. Please note that some of the information contained on this page is taken from the research of Dr. Kimberly Young - one of the pioneers in the assessment and treatment of internet addiction.. What is internet addiction? Only you can make this assessment. Am I a video gaming addict? That’s the question experts are trying to answer about playing video games. The Gaming Addiction Scale (Lemmens et al., 2011) has been developed for adolescents, although there is no obvious reason why it cannot also be used with adults. It will take approximately 7 minutes of your time.

The research also makes it clear that simply spending lots of time playing video games is not evidence of addiction (Stockdale & Coyne, 2018).

This is a survey questionnaire for a research that we are conducting regarding online game addiction for our social science module. We use the term gaming addict to describe our condition of having an obsession and compulsion to game, which grows worse over time, and an inability to limit our gaming, despite all the trouble and losses it causes. Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Addiction and Video Game Addiction. For an interesting BBC documentary about computer game addiction click here. Even though gaming has been around for almost 50 years, studies about its harms are still in the early stages.

The following questionnaire should give you some food for thought and act as a guide to assess your own situation. Game addiction is related to loneliness, anxiety, and depression (all things you can also measure with PsyToolkit, check the survey).