role of research in corporate communication

Van Riel provides an overview of research in corporate communication, focusing on achievements found in the international academic literature in both communication and business school disciplines. With the appropriate implementation of communication, all the unsettled transactions and other conflicts can be easily resolved. This commentary is intended as an amendment to Argenti's (1996) viewpoint, published in Volume 10, Issue 1, of Management Communication Quarterly. Through planned communication, the organization builds awareness, reinforces goodwill, informs and corrects misleading information. Regardless of the industry, businesses generally face fierce competition. Effective communication plays a very important role for the organization not only in building the corporate image but also to sustain it. Why are communication skills in business essential? Communication has a big role to play in conflict management. When done well, corporate communication will not only help you get new customers but will encourage your existing customers to stay loyal to your brand. With the increase in the complexities of activities in modern business, its importance is growing day-by-day. Corporate communication Corporate communication is a total communication activity generated by a company, body, and institute to its public in order to achieve its planned objectives. Communication has an important role to play in the corporate world. In any form of business, communication is an internal as well as an external affair. Corporate communications departments play a key role in how investors, employees and the general public perceive a company. Efforts such as public relations, marketing and advertising all rely on communication vehicles to get the message across to the consumer. Communication in today’s corporate world created an interest in most of the studies for the researchers believe that one way or another, communication can … It has been observed that poor communication always results in misunderstandings and eventually conflicts. Corporate communication strategy often impacts marketing strategy, and vice versa, which has increased cooperation and collaboration between the two functions. First yourself be very clear what you intend to … The success of the business rests upon communication. The role of research methods in corporate communication The role of research methods in corporate communication Gary P. Radford; Stuart Z. Goldstein 2002-12-01 00:00:00 Posits that, while research is acknowledged by practitioners, a way of integrating the value of research methods into the day‐to‐day practice of corporate communications has not been found. It is not uncommon, therefore, for members of the communication department to help generate various marketing materials and general customer communications, including: External communication plays an important role in improving business performance. It is a very influential tool for the corporate image. The Role of Corporate Communication The role of corporate communication is to establish your brand, promote your products or services and gain new customers. Our communication has to be clear and precise to avoid conflicts. I agree with Nicole on focusing on the desired outcome and Christie on the value of external research. Whether it be your professional life or your personal discourses, communication plays an indispensable role in all walks of life. 1.1.1 The Strategic Role Of Media Relations 1 1.1.2 Corporate Public Relations In Malaysia 7 1.2 Research Problem 8 1.3 Research Questions 15 1.4 Research Objectives 16 1.5 Significance Of Research 17 1.6 Scope Of Research 18 1.7 Conclusion 19 CHAPTER TWO : PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA RELATIONS 2.1 Introduction 20