the effects of pressure on students to get good grades essay

“If you are a parent who is hard-working, has a good career, and a good income, it doesn’t help to push your child,” says Dr. Luthar. This is what often leads to some students dropping out of high school. Not all of our students will get A’s in every subject. This pressures students to get good grades so they can be sure to be able to pay for the college they want to go to, and avoid that so called “dead end” way of life. This research was carried out through a mixed method research design. In conclusion these are but some effects of pressure students undergo to earn themselves good grades in school. We investigated the causes of parental pressure on students to attain high grades and students’ levels of anxiety and stress.

Body. As an educator and parent for nearly three decades, I am pleased to read concerns about students being under too much academic pressure.

Peer Pressure Affects Academic Performance of Second Year Students 1117 Words | 5 Pages. All the stress experienced by a student from either parent or peer is considered one of the effects of pressure handed to them because of their want to have good grades. Thesis: Stress in students may have serious harmful effects and thus needs to be addressed. In this paper I will explain the causes of pressure on students to get good grades and the effects of them.
Thus, testing is important for Japanese students because it ultimately In order to do well on the en­ ttance examination, one must study very hard, and for many years. Negative effects of peer pressure can cause teenagers to lie, cheat, and steal. With pressure being the constant state of worry and urgency, has caused stress and difficult to students to excel and do well in school.

As the world gets more competitive, students are getting more pressured to achieve their goals in life. The pressure on students to get good grades leaves a negative effect on students. Introduction. This creates depression, withdrawn, poor grades, and negative effects to your body physically. Your actions set a clear example, and it's not necessary to constantly repeat the message that they need to get good grades. These types of effects can be long term causing problems later in adulthood such as: conceiving children, negative affects to appearance, and financial problems (Scott 1997). Grades greatly determine what happens to a student’s future, that’s why there is a significant amount of pressure put on students to get good grades. Paragraph 1: One of the causes of stress in students is poor sleeping habits. One of the immediate effects of a student feeling too much pressure to get good grades is a high stress level. Not receiving good grades in these two stages of education can potentially hinder success for your future.

Peer pressure often seems to have various effects toward the student academic performance in school. In order to get into a good university, one must do well on the enttance examination.

Stress is the body’s natural response to challenges.

As the world gets more competitive, students are getting more pressured to achieve their goals in life. Teenagers need to seek comfort from others that they found in the presence of their peers, and they are not even aware on how their peers influence them academically.