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V for Vendetta (película) — Para la novela gráfica en la que se basa la película, véase V de Vendetta. October 30, 2013 . V’s terrorism is for the good of the people. Critics Consensus: Visually stunning and thought-provoking, V For Vendetta's political pronouncements may rile some, but its story and impressive set pieces will nevertheless entertain. V for Vendetta V for Vendetta collected edition cover, art by David Lloyd … Wikipedia. 18+ COMMON SENSE. Yes. V for Vendetta goes out of its way to insist that both of these political extremes are fucked up in some very troubling ways. Cast & Crew. Adults only. V for Vendetta — This article is about the comic book series. Posted in: Article, Digital Security; Tagged in: privacy, surveillance, usafreedomact, Techessay, Sam Tracy Next. V for Vendetta (pop culture) V for Vendetta, created by writer Alan Moore and artist David Lloyd, is the saga of V, a mysterious costumed vigilante with superhuman physical prowess, who conducts a one-man war against a totalitarian government that rules the United Kingdom..

For the 2006 film adaptation, see V for Vendetta (film). Previous. In 1983, Alan Moore wrote an article in Warrior magazine called “Behind the Painted Mask,” in which the scribe of V for Vendetta claimed that the earliest germ of his and David Lloyd’s seminal work of graphic fiction lived in a pitch he submitted to a scriptwriting contest run by Scottish publishers D.C. Thomson & Co. V for Vendetta … Wikipedia Español.

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Together, we can make sure that next November 5 looks less like V for Vendetta than this year’s. Complex but heavy-handed action film.

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Instead, like most things in this life, the devil lies in the details, and that is what made the retroactive viewing of V For Vendetta so personally chilling. The story presents us with the protagonist V, who uses terrorist tactics to rebel against a fascist regime which has taken control of Britain sometime in the near future.

This is a question that is raised by the film V for Vendetta, a film based on a graphic novel of the same title.

Philip Coppens says, “V is a freedom fighter who uses terrorist tactics in pursuit of a personal vendetta but, above all, he wants to force socio-political change in a dystopian Britain.” So is V a terrorist or a freedom fighter? The question is whether V is acting as a rebel or a revolutionary.