village fair essay in english

About ten thousand people of different classes and communities live here. Villages are beautiful. Stalls which are temporarily erected are arranged in rows. They visit nicely-decorated shops to buy sweets, toys and fancy goods for their, wives and children. They are arranged in various rows. It is an ideal village in Bangladesh. ... Should must and ought to in passive voice in Urdu.... May and Might In passive voice in Urdu and Hindi. In some villages, it is held on particular festive occasions like the Pahela Baishak, religious event etc. 53; Can have and Could have in passive voice in Urdu. A village fair is a tradition of the village. 04 . In almost all parts of the country fairs are held and thousands of people visit these fairs. It is generally held in a big spacious place outside a village. A Village Fair Essay: A village fair is a very ancient event in the villages of Bangladesh, Most of the villagers’ work and earns their livelihood in the village. A Village Fair . Village fairs are very common in Bangladesh . The site of the fair is generally a sacred place. There are many shops in the fair. I went to see a village fair with my friend. On one side there are shops of confectioners. My Native Village Essay – The name of my native village is Noapara where I was born and brought up. There was a rush of children on the shop of toys and dolls. Still, most of the people in India live in villages.

In a Village fair, people come from parts to sell their various articles.

Here some people come to buy things. There were many men, women and children going to see the fair. The people living in villages have no entertainment except the fairs. They do not have many means of entertainment and shopping in the village and have to go to the nearby towns for this purpose. They are full of great joy and fun. Fair Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and others. They were wearing colorful clothes.

A Village Fair . The village well essay in English. Fairs of specific kinds are not as common as the general fairs. In a third row there are shops of steel trunks. Shopkeepers from towns and villages hire these stalls. Still, most of the people in India live in villages. Villagers come from far and near to take part in merry-making. 432 Words Short Essay on a Village Fair. We reached the fair at 12 A.M. A village fair is fair which held in open place either on the bank of a ... Read more Essay on “A village fair” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. It creates the chance of the meeting for the village people. It is held in memory of a Hindu saint, who had worked hard for the upliftment of the nearby villages.